Building on 10 Years of Double-Digit Growth, Provence Rosé Exports to the U.S. Climb Another 29%

– Consumer demand continues for dry rosé wine, with imported rosé sales growing at double-digit rates each year since 2004 

(New York, NY, February 19, 2015) – For the 11th consecutive year, exports of rosé wines from Provence to the United States have grown at double-digit rates.  In 2014, exports from the world’s rosé capital climbed 29% on volume and increased 38% on value according to the French customs agency and the 
CIVP/Provence Wine Council.  See Figure A

The French customs report is backed up by U.S. retail sales data released this month by research firm Nielsen, which shows the entire rosé category to be on a sustained upward trend, with the premium imported rosé segment seeing a 53% increase on dollars in 2014.  See Figure B.

“While the majority of Provence rosé is still consumed in France, we are very pleased that American wine consumers have discovered and are increasingly enjoying our wines,” said Francois Millo, Director of the CIVP/Provence Wine Council. “With this increasing demand, more Provence rosé producers are bringing their wines to the U.S. As a result, there are more styles to choose from and greater distribution in the U.S. than ever before.” 

Viewed together, the sustained growth of exports along with retail sales figures tell a story of rosé growth that continues to far outpace the U.S. wine market as a whole.